What is Liike Nyt?

Liike Nyt is not a political party, we are a political movement. We see that the current political atmosphere is broken and we try to avoid the same mistakes what other political parties have done. Quite often it is said that we are a political startup. Liike Nyt was founded in April 2018 by Alex Nieminen, Helene Auramo, Hjallis Harkimo, Karoliina Kähönen, Mikael Jungner,  Sarian Antila, and Tuomas Enbuske.

We want to get the decision making closer to people and offer tools to get people into decision making. We think that the current political decision making is broken in Finland. There are a few things to show this:

  • We believe that politicians should have a touch to common life. If people become career politicians, they might lose the deeper understanding of people and that is also what people have said in the research conducted by Taloustutkimus. We hope to change this as all our candidates of Liike Nyt are committed to max two inaugurations as members of the Finnish parliament.

  • If a Liike Nyt’s candidate is elected as a member of the parliament, he or she commits to resign from other positions to avoid interest conflict. This assures that no decision makers are influenced by the obligations of third party company or an organization to avoid corruption.

What do we believe in?

We chose six different basic principles which we all agree on. We believe that these six principles do build trust but also create room for different perspectives:

  1. Everybody deserves a human worthy life and the society must provide it.

  2. A market economy is a solid foundation of a society, as long as the rules are fair for everyone.

  3. Climate change is real and the decision making must be done in a sustainable way.

  4. Entrepreneurship is the most effective way to do things when it is given proper space to operate in the society.

  5. Respecting individuals and their rights.

  6. We support the European Union.

What we have accomplished so far:

  • Our  internet parliament consists of over 12 000 people. Many of them actively participate in the decision making and dialogue with us.

  • One of the polls we did to understand what Finnish entrepreneurs would like us to focus on: the answer was clear - social security for entrepreneurs.

  • We are taking part in the next elections held on 14th of april 2019. Currently we have 100+ candidates.

  • In our short period of existence, we have already made an impact to the current political decision making.

Learn more about Liike Nyt from here (only available in Finnish)